Schedule - 2.27.08

Last revised: Feb. 1, 2008. Subject to change. Please check back or follow the conference blog for updates.

Wednesday, Feb. 27

7 am Registration opens: Check in, coffee, get comfortable

8 am Welcome: Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin, Co-Founders, iFOCOS

8:30 am Keynote Conversation I | Print is Dead
With Jeff Gomez, author, Print is Dead and Roger Black, Principal, Danilo-Black

9 am Keynote Conversation II | (Title TBA)
With Richard Sarnoff, President, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, and William C. Weiss, Chairman and CEO, The Promar Group

9:40 am The Power To Change The World
With the traditional media losing its monopoly on information, opinion and storytelling, all sectors of society now have the power through media and communications to make themselves heard. How can we use this new power to make the world a better place?

Session Chair: Andrew Nachison, Co-Founder, iFOCOS

* J. Sebastian Traeger, CEO, Razoo
* Jim Brady, Executive Editor, Washingtonpost.Newsweek.Interactive
* Katrin Verclas, MobileActive
* Jean Marc Coicaud, Director, United Nations University
* John Zogby, CEO, Zogby International
* The Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., CEO, Hip Hop Caucus
* Darya Shaikh, Executive Director, OneVoice

Closing Thoughts from Brian Reich, author, Media Rules!

10:40 am Break and Networking

11 am Concurrent Sessions:

1. Political World | Hype vs. Reality in Campaign 08
It’s supposed to be the YouTube-MySpace-power-to-the-people campaign. So why are online political junkies so frustrated with what they’ve seen so far?

Session Chair: Brian Reich, author, Media Rules!

* Ellen Miller, Sunlight Foundation
* Catherine Geanuracos, Live Earth
* Carolyn Washburn, Executive Editor, The Des Moines Register
* Michael Silberman, EchoDitto
* John Della Volpe, SocialSphere
* Amy Schatz, The Wall Street Journal
* Anthony Wojtkowiak, MTV Street Team

2. Search World | Trust, relevance and rights
If you can’t google it, does it exist? Search functions unlock the Internet’s potential, but how can we make it easier for everyone to find relevant information and act on it? Innovative thinking about metadata, permissions and trust could provide the necessary breakthroughs.

Session Chair: Jim Kennedy, VP Strategy, The Associated Press

* Fabrice Florin, Executive Director, NewsTrust
* Mary Hodder, Founder, Dabble
* Josh Cohen, Director, Business Development, Google News

3. Informed World | The citizen’s guide to media literacy
Who can you trust in the We Media landscape? Where’s the line between commerce and information? No more is it a question of parsing the biases of individual media outlets: It’s time to define a global media-education agenda so everyone can understand how today’s media works, and how best to use it. Our goal: Create a set of guidelines for media literacy today.

Session Chair: John Bell, Managing Director, 360° Digital Influence, Ogilvy

* Vinita Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University
* Sam Grogg, Dean, University of Miami School of Communication
* Sara DeWitt, Senior Director, PBS KIDS & Parents Interactive

12:15 pm Lunch (opens at noon)

12:30 pm Demo: Make Your Own Mobile Site
Sponsored by Proteus

1:15 pm Healthy World | The Future of Information & Communication Technologies in Health
Sponsored by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, AARP, Kaiser Permanente and Microsoft

Leading edge thinkers discuss one of the most important and personally meaningful issues of the 21st century: How communications technology and the content delivered through it will be used to improve the health and quality of life for people worldwide.

Introduced by Dr. Pascal Goldschmidt, Dean, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Session Chair: Kendall Lockhart, Co-Founder, Nenuphar Mobile Media

Keynote conversation with Scott Mowbray, Editorial Director,

1:45 pm Forum conversation:

* Bert van Hoof, Director, Microsoft Health Solutions Group
* Don Jones, VP, Health & Life Sciences, Qualcomm
* Emilio Pardo, Chief Brand Officer, AARP
* Dr. Andrew Wiesenthal, Associate Executive Director, The Permanente Federation
* Grant Harrison, Vice President, Integrated Consumer Experience, Humana

3 pm Break and Networking

3:15 pm Concurrent Sessions

1. Pitch It | Tomorrow’s best start-ups
Founders and would-be entrepreneurs pitch their big ideas to a panel of business-launching experts. Even if you’re not pitching an idea, come watch the competition to start the next big thing.

Chair: Rick Ducey, EVP, BIA Financial Network

* Suha Araj, Founder and VP of Strategy, Real Girls Media
* John McKinley, Founder, LaunchBox Digital
* Joe Natoli, SVP, Business & Finance, University of Miami

2. Leadership World | Women, Media and Technology
Women and girls are a powerful force online: They users, creators and participants, as well as marketing targets for advertisers. Yet women-led businesses and gender-balanced teams in new media are more an exception than a rule. What can some of today’s female media leaders tell us about building successful businesses, leading strong teams and creating a more egalitarian workforce?

Session Chair: Susan Mernit, Senior Director, Yahoo! and blogger, Susan Mernit’s Blog

* Mary Hodder, Founder, Dabble
* Judith Meskill, Co-Founder, Crowd Fusion
* Carolyn Washburn, Executive Editor, The Des Moines Register
* Barbara Kahn, Dean, University of Miami School of Business
* Jan Schaffer, Executive Director, J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism

3. Pro-Am World | Developing meaningful partnerships
The hierarchy between journalist and audience has broken down. While some fear the change, others see the enormous potential in bringing the work of professional and amateur journalists together. How are eyewitnesses, often using social networks, creating new story-telling models? What is the best way to leverage the experience of professional journalists in this new world?

Session Chair: Lou Ferrara, Deputy Managing Editor for Multimedia, The Associated Press

* Michael Tippett, Founder, NowPublic
* Kate Marymont, Executive Editor, The News-Press, Ft. Myers, Florida
* Lauren McCullough, Online Editor, The Associated Press
* David Cohn, Editor, NewAssignment and NewsTrust

4. Nonprofit World | Endowed Journalism
As commercial journalism declines, the influence and impact of nonprofit media is expanding. Human rights groups and other advocacy groups who once relied on journalists to disseminate their findings are now making the news themselves.

Session chair: John Bracken, MacArthur Foundation

* Jon Sawyer, Executive Director, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
* Ellen Miller, Executive Director, Sunlight Foundation

4 pm Break

4:15 pm Concurrent Sessions

1. Innovation World | Knight News Challenge
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation invests $25 million in innovative approaches to journalism to strengthens local communities.

Session Chair: Eric Newton, VP, Journalism Programs, Knight Foundation

* Nora Paul, Director, Institute for New Media Studies, University of Minnesota
* Amy Gahran, Content Strategist and Independent Journalist
* Gary Kebbel, Journalism Program Officer, Knight Foundation

2. Activist World | Social networks for social good
Winning others to your social cause has never been easier. Hear how three new-media organizations are leveraging the power of social networks to prevent cancer, support the arts and much more.

Session Chair: Suzanne Turner, CEO, Turner Strategies

* Joan Peckolick, Founder, Selfchec
* James Carlson, CEO, Bucketworks
* Deron Triff, Co-President and CEO, Changents

3. Widget World | The Me Revolution
Sponsored by NewsGator
Advertisers and media companies are undergoing a dramatic transformation that impacts how they target and reach consumers and business users alike. Widgets and syndication services are enabling a new generation of capabilities that puts the consumer in the center and allows them to surround themselves with content from their favorite sources and discover new relevant content. Advertisers, aka “brands”, are similarly responding to this shift in behavior as they invest in creative new technologies that more deeply engage consumers and lead to richer interactions. This workshop will cover these topics and provide examples of what you can do take advantage of this shift.

* Jeff Nolan, VP Business Development, NewsGator

4. Civil Discourse
Sponsored by Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive

New media is defined by online interactivity; no blog posting or article is complete with a comments section, for example. How do such virtual conversations influence, inform and reflect real-life public conversations? How can online community organizers keep participants on track and maintain order without stifling the conversation?

Chair: Hal Straus,

* Mark Jones, Global Editor for Community, Reuters
* Steve Arend, VP Digital Services, Head of Technology Innovators Group, CMP
* Robin Miller, Editor, Slashdot and SourceForge, Inc.
* Chris Tolles, CEO, Topix

5 pm Break and Networking

5:15pm Concurrent sessions

1. Social World | Social experiences in business
Sponsored by Fleishman-Hillard

Social networking, un-conferences, wikis and other web tools can not only strength communities but also build momentum for brands and causes. Their success, however, depends on more than just digital connections. How can companies make the connection between online networks and real-world outcomes?

Session Chair: Susan Mernit, Senior Director, Yahoo! Personals

* Maria Gallagher, Senior Vice President, Fleishman-Hillard
* Kaliya Hamlin, Founder,
* Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder, BlogHer
* John Todor, Principal, The Whetstone Edge
* JB Holson, CEO, NewsGator
* Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky, Dean, University of Miami School of Education

2. News World | Traditions and Transformation
While some traditional news institutions have been slow to “get” We Media, others have taken leadership roles, defining new business models, consumer services and social functions to create new communities of content-creators.

Session Chair: Carin Dessauer, Senior Fellow, iFOCOS

* Neil Budde, former VP and Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo! News
* Kinsey Wilson, Executive Editor, USAToday and
* Jennifer Sizemore, Executive Editor,
* Maria Thomas, SVP, National Public Radio

3. Indigenous World | Telling our own stories
Indigenous communities around the world have long had their stories told for them by anthropologists, journalists and documentary-film makers. Today, more and more of these communities are online, telling their own stories.

Introduced by:
Sanjeev Chaterjee, Director, Knight Center for International Media

Session Chair: David Sasaki, Rising Voices

* Cristina Quisbert, Producer and Eduardo Ávila, Director, Voces Bolivianas
* Luis Ramiro Beltrán, Bolivian communications-research pioneer
* Leonardo Ferreira, author, Centuries of Silence

6 pm Mojito Reception in The Grove

6:45 pm We Media Video Fest in The Grove
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. While networking and nibbling, we’ll screen a selection of videos illustrating how We Media transforms entertainment, pop culture and politics.

Curator: Mary Hodder, Founder, Dabble

7:30 pm Dinner and meetups on your own; shuttle departs for Sonesta Bayfront hotel.