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1.  Social Media Examined launches into Top 100
2.  New iPhone Game "Snakes and Ladders" Showcases India's Emerging Tech Dominance
After its launch on September 27th, Indian engineer T. Harikumar's...
3.  Lawsuit Lodged Against iPhone Game Developer Storm8
Can Apple just shred off the blame from their shoulders when...
4.  The West and Karzai on Different Pages
Hamid Karzai and his foreign backers appear headed in opposite...
5.  Blog Focus: Thanksgiving Preparation
Bloggers weigh in on how to get through the meal, entertain guests...
6.  The 18-Button OOMouse Cures Your Clicking Cravings
Are you sure your current mouse has enough buttons?
7.  22,000 Indians Are Driving Japan’s IT Industry
Japan's IT industry is increasingly Indian-driven
8.  5 Shops Unique to Calgary
If you're in Calgary for a vacation and looking to do some shopping,...
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